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What You Need To Know About The Homeowners Insurance Claims Process

What You Need To Know About The Homeowners Insurance Claims Process

For most Americans, your home is your biggest asset. Therefore, protecting it and ensuring that you get justice when it comes to insurance is a top priority. However, this can be challenging.

That’s why it’s important to understand how homeowners insurance claims process works. Otherwise, you could be left footing the bill for something that wasn’t your responsibility in the first place.

So let’s explore various points of homeowners insurance claim tips. That way, you can have peace of mind that you and your wallet are protected.

Top Homeowners Insurance Claims Tips

Follow this home insurance claims advice for the best outcome possible:

Get assistance with home living expenses

If your home is unfortunately damaged in a bad manner, your insurance company could help you. Loss of use coverage is a standard part of homeowner policies — and one of the most important aspects of homeowners insurance claims advice.

This could pay for stays in hotels and even meals in restaurants if you’re not able to live in your home for a period of time. One of the most important pro tips is to keep your receipts. That way you can be fully reimbursed for your claim.

Choose your contractor wisely

If you receive damage to your home, take the insurance company’s advice on the contractors they recommend for repairs.

Insurers partner with contractors that they trust. It gives you greater peace of mind that your contractor will be licensed, bonded, and insured. That way you can have confidence in your estimate and the work that will be done on your home.

Keep your receipts

Related to the point above, you may spend money on repairs after damage to your home. Before the insurance company can pay you, you’ll want to save your receipts so you can get proper reimbursement.

Sometimes you may receive a check up front. Still, there’s a difference between estimates and actual receipts. If your payment doesn’t cover the cost of all of your repairs, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate how much you spent in total.

This is one of the home insurance claim tips that should never be overlooked.

Stay in communication with your claims adjuster

Your insurance company will give you an adjuster that they appoint. This person will handle your claim and be your first source of contact throughout the process of getting reimbursed.

Be sure to tell them the full extent of the damage you experience. Answer their questions directly and in full. Be prepared to offer documentation of expenses and even photographs of the damage or repairs.

Remember that your adjuster is your biggest representative in this process. Yes they work for the insurance company but they’re ultimately responsible for providing you the money that you deserve.

So when it comes to “filing a homeowners insurance claim tips,” having an agent on your side is a top priority. They’ll be able to tell you if your policy covers mold or other damage.

Consider temporary repairs

Take this as an example: You have a hole in your roof. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep it there and suffer through water leaks until an adjuster arrives on your property.

Document the damage but consider getting temporary repairs in the meantime. This can help you prevent spending more over the long run. You can still get reimbursed for these temporary repairs.

You just may need to wait a few weeks or months. Have confidence that if you have a trustworthy insurance company they’ll take care of you.

Document your damage

As an extension of the point above, the more information that your insurer has about the extent of your property damage, the better your situation will be resolved.

Try to achieve the collection of pictures, model numbers, labels and anything that documents the damages and repairs that occurred in your home.

File your claim right away

This may be the most important tip of all. The second that your home receives damage, file your insurance claim right away.

You can use your online application, speak with an agent or call the company. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to receive what you deserve. The sooner you receive a claim number, the sooner the adjuster can assess your damage.

Then you’ll receive an initial payment minus your deductible. This will help you cover repairs. Understand that your insurer is ultimately on your side. So the sooner you get in contact with them, the better it’s going to be for you and your family.

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No matter your needs or budget, we’ll help you identify the best policy for you and your family. For more information, visit Focusinsurance.com.

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