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Insurance Coverage Types for RVs and Campers

With so many types of recreational vehicles in existence, a single policy sometimes can’t handle multiple types of recreational vehicles. But at the same time, not many people own multiple campers.
If you are able to afford to do so, you probably have bigger worries than being able to properly insure them. Recreational vehicles, also known as RVs, come in all shapes and sizes. Motorhomes, fifth wheels, popup campers, and travel trailers are some RV options. You may or may not require RV insurance depending on the type of RV you own.
The main difference in coverage requirements is simple. If you tow it, insurance is probably optional, and if it’s self-contained. You can get it from point A to point B without the help of another vehicle, which means you will probably be required to purchase insurance coverage. Put another way, any vehicle you drive on the road is required to be insured, and that includes motorhomes. You will be required to have minimum liability for your state in order to legally drive on the road. More coverage is available and optional unless required by a lender.

How to Determine If You Need RV Insurance on a Camper

Since campers are towed behind a vehicle and not driven by themselves, RV insurance is optional according to most states’ laws. Only a lender can require full coverage to be carried in order to secure its interest, so if you took out a loan to purchase your RV, you can bet that you’ll probably be required to have full coverage.

Coverage Types for RVs and Campers

Here are the different types of coverages for RVs and campers.



Specialized Coverage Types for RVs and Campers

Aside from the standard set of coverage on RV policies, companies often offer specialized coverage. Specialized coverage can come in handy at the time of loss.
​What you may not think of prior to a claim is your custom equipment and personal effects that can be costly if you do not have the coverage included in your RV policy.
Most companies offer specialized coverage on both RV motorhomes and campers:

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