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Tow Truck Insurance in Decatur, GA

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Tow Truck Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Tow Truck Insurance Decatur, GA

Who needs Tow Truck Insurance?

What Is Tow Truck Insurance?

Tow truck insurance is a type of insurance designed specifically for the towing business. If you tow vehicles, you need insurance for your flatbed and tow truck vehicles, just as you do for your automobile. It doesn’t matter whether you own or lease them.

A tow truck insurance policy will often contain liability coverage for personal and property damage and protection for bodily injury. Furthermore, tow truck insurance will include accident and comprehensive coverage, as well as fire and theft protection.

Tow truck insurance in Decatur, GA, includes “On Hook Coverage,” which covers damages to automobiles or boats being hauled by one of your tow trucks. Coverage choices vary, so discuss them thoroughly with your qualified insurance expert. Give Focus Insurance a call for personalized tow truck insurance options!

Tow Truck Insurance in Decatur, GA

What Does Tow Truck Insurance Include?

  • Bodily injury liability. This covers injuries for which you are held liable. Usually, coverage amounts of up to $1,000,000 are offered.
  • Property damage liability. This insurance covers losses for which you or your workers are held liable. Typically, coverage amounts of up to $1,000,000 are offered.
  • Personal injury. This insurance covers lost wages, medical bills, and other expenditures.
  • On-the-hook insurance. This insurance covers damages to vehicles towed by your tow truck. On-the-hook insurance protects both you and the car owner against damage to their car during towing.
  • Garage keepers insurance. This safeguards the company in the event that a car stored in your garage or lot is damaged.
  • Collision
  • Fire & theft
  • Comprehensive

Focus Insurance provides low-cost auto insurance to ensure all vehicles are properly secured. Contact us today to get a quote for low-cost towing insurance in Decatur, GA!

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