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Flood Insurance in Decatur, GA

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Flood Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Low-Cost Flood Insurance in Decatur, GA

​Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Your house isn’t in a flood zone, so getting flood insurance would be going a little overboard…right? Actually, there are a lot of conditions that can cause flooding beyond overloaded rivers. Think snow and ice thawing rapidly with a winter heatwave, torrential rain, or even a construction mishap that reroutes water runoff right into your house.

Are you ready for the possibilities? If not, now is the time to find a flood insurance agency.

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Typically Cover Floods

You might assume that you are good to go since you already have a homeowner’s insurance policy . After all, it covers your entire home. And while that might (or might not) be true, it only covers it against specified perils. And homeowner’s insurance policies pretty much never cover flooding. To get flood coverage, you need a separate National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood policy through an insurance agent. So, what types of flooding are covered? There is a saying in the insurance world that applies in most cases: if the flooding comes from the top down, it’s covered; if it comes from the bottom up, it’s not. So flooding as result of a leaking roof gets coverage. Flooding from rainwater overflow running into your house from the street is not.

How Much Does Flood Insurance Cost in Decatur, GA?

There is no set cost for flood insurance coverage. It depends on how much coverage you want, what things you want covered, and where your home is on the flood risk maps. Ultimately, the cost of not having a policy could be greater, so you really shouldn’t take that risk.

You might assume your risk is minimal but Hurricane Sandy taught us that even previously flood-safe areas aren’t. Despite damage usually being limited to the coast, her flooding was worst inland, often hundreds of miles away from the nearest coastline.

Determining Your Flood Insurance Needs

Are you struggling to understand what level of coverage you need? While you could do the research yourself, we’d prefer you call the Focus Insurance Group team. We understand the nuance of flood insurance and can help you assess your risks to figure out the ideal amount of coverage for you. In addition to assisting you with FEMA-backed insurance, we can also connect you with private companies offering flood insurance. Watch and LearnEven a Dummy Can Be Smart about Flood Insurance!

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