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Umbrella Liability Insurance

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Umbrella Liability Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Low Cost Umbrella Liability Insurance in Decatur, GA

Umbrella Liability Insurance in Decatur, GA
Remember this simple rule: insure to rebuild in the event of a total loss and have enough coverage to replace your belongings.

Two things to be aware of:
House prices rise and fall but the cost of building materials in labor is always going up.
So now that you know how insurance works for you, take the next step and contact our agency to discuss the coverage that best fits your needs.
Life is about the unexpected
That’s why there’s insurance to cover you against unexpected loss

Storms can be intense, causing damage to the structure of your home. You may walk outside to find your patio table shattered into pieces or it may be in the neighbor’s backyard.

When this type of damage occurs, contact your home insurance agent. Your agent will work closely with you to better understand what occurred. You may be able to file a claim for it. When does it apply?

Home insurance does not provide coverage for normal wear and tear on these items. If your patio table suffers a crack as a result of age, that will not have protection. It also does not apply if someone in your home causes the damage.

This might include a child hitting it, for example.
Rather, it applies in unexpected events including storms. It should provide financial protection for your patio furniture if it suffers damage due to lightning, fire or wind. If large hail hit the structure of your patio table shattering the glass, your coverage applies here, too.

Before you can obtain compensation for the losses, you must consider the deductible. Home insurance policies nearly always have one. This is the amount you are responsible for paying before the insurance company kicks in to pay the rest.

The key here is to know what your deductible is. Then, consider the value of your patio furniture. If the value isn’t significantly below the deductible, there is no benefit in filing a claim. You will not receive funds for it.

Whether you have a wicker patio set or an elegant set of Adirondack chairs, your home insurance policy usually pays out based on the value of the items before the storm occurred. This takes into consideration depreciation since you purchased them.

If your policy offers replacement cost coverage, on the other hand, they may pay enough for you to purchase a new piece of furniture similar to the one you have now.

When an event like this occurs, take pictures of what happened. Then, contact our insurance agency. We will walk you through the process of determining if you have coverage, what your deductible is, and how much you could receive for the loss. Storm damage is a typical type of coverage for most policies.

Your home may be destroyed by a fire, flood, storm or other catastrophe. You’re scrambling around to get your life back in order and you may think that things couldn’t get worse. Well, they can and often do because of people who can’t spell contractor without c-o-n.

The period after a serious loss is hectic, emotional and disorienting. Your major concern is to get your home repaired or rebuilt. These elements make you very vulnerable to “CONtractors” – people who specialize in victimization instead of construction and in rip-offs rather than repairs.

Keep in touch with our agency during such trying times. We’re already committed to providing genuine help and guidance.

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella liability insurance provides an extra layer of protection against bodily injury and/or property damage. Essentially, it picks up where your business auto liability, General Liability Insurance or other liability coverage stops.

How commercial umbrella insurance works

A commercial umbrella policy serves 2 distinct purposes:

  • It increases the liability limit that your company already has in existing, or underlying, liability policies. For instance, if your general liability policy offers $1 million coverage per occurrence or $2 million total, you could get a $2 million umbrella policy and increase those limits to $3 million per occurrence and $4 million total.
  • It broadens coverage for things that your underlying policies may not cover. For instance, if your auto liability policy covers accidents that might occur in a specific area, an umbrella policy could expand the coverage territory.
Umbrella Liability insurance is an important consideration for anyone looking to safeguard their assets and financial well-being. At Focus Insurance Group, our team of experts is dedicated to helping clients find the right coverage to meet their specific needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you secure the extra protection you need.

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