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Commercial Property Insurance in Decatur, GA

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Commercial Property Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Low Cost Commercial Property Insurance in Decatur, GA

Commercial Property Insurance in Decatur, GA

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial building insurance is a policy that backs your business by covering part or all of the costs you incur when you suffer a covered loss. Depending on the circumstances, it can let you rebuild after a devastating loss, keep the doors open while you recover, or even help you relocate. You can take out commercial property insurance coverage whether you own or rent your building.

Understanding Commercial Property Insurance

You essentially have two choices when taking out a commercial property insurance policy: basic coverage or comprehensive coverage. A basic policy is for basic causes of loss. For example, you might have a flood policy or a fire policy. However, the best way to protect yourself is with a business owner’s policy, or BOP.

A BOP is a comprehensive policy that covers damage to your business’ property, including the building itself, installed fixtures, and equipment. In most cases, it will also cover your inventory, computers, and machinery. Typical coverage also extends to property not owned by your business but that is within your care.

Commercial Property Insurance Does Have Its Limits

Certain perils are not automatically covered under a BOP. However, you can still get coverage through them by taking out special riders or additional endorsements. Examples of additional coverage you might need include:

Get the Right Coverage for Your Business

Curious about the cost of commercial property insurance? Talk to Focus Insurance Group! We will get you multiple commercial property insurance quotes, all of them tailored to the exact coverage you need. Give us a call to get started.

Our agency can review your business needs with you to make sure you have the necessary coverage for your unique business needs. And remember to discuss your disaster recovery plans with our agent to ensure you have coverage for lost income and extra expenses that result when recovering from a covered loss.

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