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What Are Exclusions in Insurance for Vehicles?

What Are Exclusions in Insurance for Vehicles?

Car insurance is paramount when you own a vehicle, but knowing what you’re covered for is just as important. There are various technicalities when it comes to insurance policies. It’s not always easy to understand the language.

One of the most important parts to understand are exclusions when it comes to your car insurance policy. Policy exclusions are what are not covered in your insurance agreement. But specifically, what is an exclusion in insurance?

Let’s talk about the definition and some exclusions that you should know about when it comes to car insurance.

And keep in mind that opening a line of communication with your preferred company providing insurance in Decatur, GA is always the first step. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

What Are Exclusions In Insurance For Cars?

So, when it comes down to it, what is an “exclusion” in insurance regarding cars and trucks?

Exclusions can include:

Normal wear and tear, damage due to driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, wear and tear of tires, vehicle being used for other purposes rather than the purpose described in the insurance certificate, not complying with terms and conditions, an accident outside of your normal geographical area.

Additional Car Insurance Exclusions

The following situations are typically not covered in car insurance policies either:

Your policy is expired

Obviously, if your policy expires, then you will be without coverage during that period.

Engine damaged by oil leakage

This is why it’s important to receive proper maintenance on the vehicle. If you violate the car manufacturer’s guidelines and suffer damage, you may not be eligible for coverage.

Acts of terror or war such as nuclear weapons are not covered

Essentially, an extremely unlikely or rare event is not typically included in a car insurance policy.

Third Party Usage

If you lend your car to someone else, your damage may not be covered.

If you do not go to court within 12 months of a rejection of a policy, you may not be able to claim reimbursement.

So consult with an experienced insurance agent at Focus Insurance today if you have further questions.

There’s no such thing as a bad question. For instance, you might be wondering if you can get insurance without a car in the first place? And we’re here to help with all those questions and more.

Auto Insurance Exclusions: Don’t Go It Alone

Focus Insurance Group will take care of you and help you explain any and all policy exclusions so you have the best policy for you.

That being said, it always helps to have some basic knowledge before you choose your policy. So re-read the article above and feel free to reach out to our expert and friendly team today.

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