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Day Care Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Low Cost Day Care Insurance in Decatur, GA

Day Care Insurance in Decatur, GA

Finding the Right Daycare Insurance

The daycare industry continues to grow these days as more and more families move to become two-income households. And whether it’s a modest in-home daycare or a mega-care center with a bunch of rooms and a fine motor skills gymnasium, it needs to be protected. Especially when it involves something as big as other people’s little ones — not to mention your livelihood, as well.
That’s where our agency comes in. We’re experts when it comes to all-things insurance and can help you find the right coverage for your daycare at the right price for you. But first, let’s talk about risks and what kind of protection your daycare will need.

What Is Daycare Insurance?

Daycare insurance is a specific type of business insurance that was designed to meet the unique needs of childcare businesses. It provides business owners with much-needed daycare liability insurance coverage as well as business property coverage. Many policies come with a set of coverage options that allow business owners to build an insurance policy that caters specifically to their daycare’s unique needs.

Who Needs Daycare Insurance?

Whether you operate your daycare business out of your home or a location far from it, you’ll really want to think long and hard about getting daycare insurance. In many cases, in fact, coverage is required.
  • Childcare centers and nursery schools are required to carry daycare liability insurance in order to be licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and most states require licensure in order for a daycare business to legally operate. While the DHHS has strict guidelines that your business must adhere to, your insurance company may have even stronger requirements that will affect your daycare insurance costs. These requirements are put in place to limit your exposure to liability lawsuits.
  • The DHHS does not require liability insurance to license home-based daycare businesses. However, you may be required by your homeowner’s insurance policy to carry a business insurance policy or to purchase specific endorsements to protect your business.
  • Do not expect that your home policy will cover you for bodily injury or property damage stemming from your home business.
  • Your insurer many even refuse to renew your policy if they discover that you have been running a business out of your home without home daycare insurance.

As daycare insurance is essential, it is important to get the best suitable one for your needs. We at Focus Insurance Group provide excellent service with multiple options and that’s why we are known as providers of the best insurance in Decatur, GA , to ensure your vehicle is fully protected and you can be stress-free. Contact us and know it by yourself

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Low Cost Day Care Insurance in Decatur, GA
Kids in Day Care Which is Secured by Day Care Insurance in Decatur, GA
Kids Playing at Day Care Which is Secured by Day Care Insurance in Decatur, GA
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