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Vacant Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

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Vacant Home Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Low Cost Vacant Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

Vacant Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

If there is no one living in your home, it’s still okay to have a normal homeowner’s insurance policy…right? Actually, most insurance companies don’t extend homeowner’s insurance coverage to unoccupied or vacant dwellings.

That might sound odd at first. After all, there are fewer risks when no one is running around the house, or so you’d think. But the truth is that empty residences are at greater risk for severe damage: broken pipes that go unnoticed, sewer backup that just sits for weeks or months, and even the possibility of squatters living in and damaging the home. So, what can you do to get the unoccupied house insurance coverage you need?

Be Honest About Your Empty Home

The idea of taking out vacant home insurance can feel overwhelming, and when you already have homeowner’s insurance, it is tempting to just stay quiet about the house being unoccupied and hope for the best. This would be a mistake.

Lying to your insurance company or hiding the truth will result in claim denials and likely the cancellation of your policy. That alone is pretty bad, but it also means you’ll be on the hook for any damages to your property. It’s a terrible situation all around.

But What If I'm Not Moving Out?

If you are planning to head off for a lengthy trip – say three or more weeks – and you won’t be having a house sitter, your property could be considered unoccupied by your insurance company. Don’t wait to find out after you leave; contact your insurance company to learn about the terms of your homeowner’s insurance coverage during longer trips.

Defining an Unoccupied vs. Vacant Home

Do you need vacant property or land insurance in Decatur? Focus Insurance Group can help. Talk to us about your needs and we will find the right policy for you.

FAQs About Vacant Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

You need vacant home insurance when your home is not occupied for an extended period of time. This type of insurance covers the cost of damages that may occur while your home is unoccupied and can help protect your investment. For more information, you may call us at (404) 633-3333.

Yes, you can insure a house with no one living in it. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why people purchase vacant home insurance, as it can protect your property from a number of risks. All the more, you will rest assured that your property is protected in case of any unforeseen events.

A house that sits vacant for an extended period is at risk for a number of potential problems. These can include weather damage, vandalism, and theft. In addition, if there is no one living in the home, it can be more difficult to detect these types of problems. This is why vacant home insurance is so important. A policy of this sort can help protect your home if it is not currently lived in.

Vacant home insurance is different from traditional home insurance in a few key ways. First, the coverage is typically for a shorter period of time. Second, vacant home insurance policies often have higher deductibles and higher premiums than traditional home insurance policies because a vacant home is considered to be a higher risk than an occupied one. But note that it is crucial to have vacant home coverage so that you can protect your home – even if it is not currently lived in.

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