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Condo Insurance in Decatur, GA

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What is Condo Insurance?

Condo Insurance in Decatur, GA
Condo insurance is pretty much what it sounds like: insurance that covers you’re the inside of your condominium. Why just the inside? Because the outside is part of the condo association, which has its own policy.
In addition to covering your possessions when they’re damaged, stolen, or destroyed, your condo insurance also covers you if you are responsible for another person getting hurt, cause property damage, or you have legal fees to pay due to a lawsuit.
Get the condo insurance in Decatur you need by working with our independent agency. We will get quotes from multiple providers and help you determine which is right for you.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover in Decatur, GA?

Condo homeowners insurance Decatur, GA policies usually step in to cover what the condo association’s master policy doesn’t. To understand what this means for you, you need to know what these master policies offer. A condo association master policy will be one of two types:
  • An All-In Policy: This is also called a single-unit policy. It covers things like fixtures, appliances, wiring, and carpets throughout the condominium building—even inside the units. However, it doesn’t cover personal property.
  • A Bare Walls-In Policy: This covers anything inside the walls. Think shared plumbing and electrical systems and structural elements. However, private plumbing and electrical systems (the ones within your own unit) might not be covered.
In either case, you’ll need your own policy for full protection. However, if your association has a bare walls-in policy, you’ll need a comprehensive policy.
To find the most affordable coverage that meets your unique needs, contact our insurance agency in Decatur, GA today. We will connect you with the right condominium insurance Decatur, GA to protect your investment and personal assets. In addition to condominium insurance, we also provide home insurance, mobile home insurance, and more, ensuring that all your insurance needs are met under one roof.
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