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Mobile Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

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Mobile Home Insurance to fit your budget and needs

Low Cost Mobile Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

Mobile Home Insurance in Decatur, GA

Protect Your Mobile Home With Focus Insurance Group

If you own a mobile home, you need to understand your insurance coverage needs. Focus Insurance Group provides manufactured and mobile home insurance coverage to those who need it most. We offer:
  • Options for customized coverage on your mobile home insurance policy
  • Liability insurance for accidents where you’re at fault
  • Insurance coverage for mobile home additions
Call Focus Insurance Group today for the most affordable mobile home insurance in Decatur, GA!

Manufactured Home Insurance in Decatur

Insurance Agency in Atlanta represents the top manufactured and mobile home insurers in Metro Atlanta. We provide coverage for your house, personal belongings, and other structures against unintentional physical loss. Our clients come from all walks of life, so our basic and optional coverages are customized particularly to what you want covered. Contact us immediately to save money and sleep better no matter the weather!

How Does Mobile Home Insurance Work?

Regardless of the type of house you own or reside in, you must understand the various coverage alternatives. Insurers frequently provide coverage for mobile/manufactured homes by altering standard homeowner policies with clauses known as endorsements. The endorsements modify essential terminology and other aspects of a standard insurance policy to fit a mobile or manufactured home. As a result, the insurance package can protect the home, outbuildings (unattached garages, sheds, etc.), and personal property. Mobile home insurers like Focus Insurance Group also provide personal liability insurance. Different insurance coverage and prices may differ significantly.

Coverage for mobile/manufactured houses is often provided in two ways. Some policies state a laundry list of situations, or “perils”, that might result in a loss. Other policies protect your house against everything EXCEPT certain perils defined in the policy. Both include liability coverage, which protects you from inadvertently causing injuries or losses to others.

How Does Mobile Home Insurance Differ From Other Types of Home Insurance?

Any coverage choice will reflect the realities of owning a mobile home. As a result, coverage is impacted by the fact that mobile homes:
  • can move on their own (or can be transported);
  • are more prone to wind damage, and;
  • lose value with time.
Because such residences are mobile, there is a unique need to make sure that the lender that financed the home can get their money back in case of an incident. For example, a Georgia mobile homeowner may opt to drive his house to Alabama. The soon-to-be Alabama resident “forgets” to inform his Georgia Mortgage Company of his plans (and his new address). If the policy did not cover incidents like these, the Georgia lender would be out of luck. Another distinction between a mobile or manufactured homeowner policy and traditional homeowner coverage is coverage for unattached structures. This coverage is typically limited to a few thousand dollars. By avoiding paying claims on very low-value buildings, such a clause helps keep policy premiums low. The coverage will most likely be provided on an actual cash value basis. However, the value of mobile and manufactured houses depreciates with time. Many policies include a clause requiring you to obtain authorization to relocate. Once authorized, you will most likely receive thirty days of special transportation protection in the event of an accident, sinking, upset, or stranding. Another frequent coverage provision is compensation for your attempt to relocate the residence to avoid damage from an insured cause of loss. An example is moving your mobile home fifty feet to avoid a nearby trailer that is on fire.

Liability Insurance for Mobile Homes

Liability protection associated with mobile or manufactured houses is generally equivalent to the liability protection afforded to traditional homeowners. The likelihood of a suit is almost the same between mobile homes and freestanding homes. We promise to insure your mobile home and property at an affordable price. Contact Focus Insurance Group for low-cost mobile home insurance in Decatur today!

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