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Why Do I Need An SR-22 Insurance Policy?

Why Do I Need An SR-22 Insurance Policy?

SR-22 insurance might vary depending on where you live. In this blog post, let’s talk about the reasons for having SR-22 insurance and how to obtain it. And keep in mind that the best course of action is to contact experts in insurance in Decatur, GA if you have further questions.

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What Are The Reasons For SR-22 Insurance?

Many times people require SR-22 in order to reinstate their license after it’s been suspended by a motor vehicle violation. Another common reason is if there’s a court order compelling you to give SR-22 insurance due to a child support matter or civil case.

Ultimately, SR-22 is designed to guarantee your future financial responsibility. It assures the state that you’ll have minimum liability coverage for a determined period in the future.

Additional reasons for SR-22 insurance include the following:

  • Involvement in an uninsured accident
  • Too many points on your DMV driving record
  • A conviction of a DWI or DUI
  • Experiencing several at-fault accidents
  • Being classified as a high-risk driver
  • Being pulled over for driving without insurance
  • Application for a hardship license
  • Legal judgments

A lot of people reach out to Focus Insurance with questions like “What is the reason for SR-22 insurance?” and “Why do I need SR-22 insurance?” So hopefully you have a better understanding of the requirements and the reasons behind them.

What Are The Costs For SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 is high-risk insurance. The cost will change depending on the person and the state that they are in. Understand that the process will be to receive notification by the state that you need SR-22 insurance and the reasons why.

From there, you’ll connect with an insurance company that attaches an SR-22 certificate to your vehicle or non-owner insurance policy. Then they’ll file it with your state DMV. The date of your filing could begin on the date of the conviction, the date of the offense, the license suspension, or even the date of reinstatement.

You’ll need to have SR-22 insurance without lapsing for up to five years depending on the reasons for your situation.

Why Do You Need SR-22 Insurance: Conclusion

Use insurance as professional agents that are committed to providing compassionate, cost-effective, and customized policies for all of your needs.

Whether you need SR-22 insurance, home insurance, or any kind of insurance, we can help. Contact us today and learn your options for getting protected.

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