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The Hidden Impacts of Car Mods on Your Insurance: What You Need to Know

The Hidden Impacts of Car Mods on Your Insurance: What You Need to Know

Having your car modified lets you personalize and boost its performance. However, these improvements may have huge insurance repercussions. It is always critical to understand how such modifications affect your car insurance coverage.

What Is Car Modification?

Car modification is a change in the original specifications of a vehicle. Modification of a car can be as simple as changing paint jobs and giving it body kits, and to the extreme end, an engine change to a more powerful one with a turbocharger or one of higher horsepower. While these can make your car special and improve its performance, the insurance implications are something every car owner should know about.

Effects of Vehicle Modification on Insurance Cover

A modified vehicle significantly impacts insurance coverage.

Insurance Premiums

Probably the most important side effect of car modification is that it impacts your car insurance premium. Most insurance companies treat a modified car as a more vulnerable car, and this can translate to increased premiums in the insurance policy.

Coverage Validity

Some modifications can invalidate your current insurance policy. You must always notify your insurance company when making any changes to your vehicle. If you fail to notify them, your cover could be invalidated if you make a claim.

Type of Cover

Depending on the nature of the changes, you may be required to obtain specialized insurance. Aftermarket parts or improved performance characteristics may not be covered by a standard policy.

Legal Factors

The legalities involved with car modifications vary from one region to another. Certain modifications could be illegal, and claims arising from such modifications cannot be covered by insurance. Always ensure that your modifications are allowed to avoid legal and insurance-related difficulties.

What Modifications Void Car Insurance?

Some of the car mods that affect insurance include performance-enhancement models such as turbochargers, engine swaps, and suspension upgrades. Aesthetic changes like body kits and alloy wheels with custom paint jobs also affect insurance. Lastly, technology upgrades, including advanced audio systems and navigation units, will impact your car insurance. Knowing what modifications affect your car insurance will help you make your decisions when modifying your vehicle.

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