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Any time you take out a car insurance policy in Decatur, you need to read all the fine print. One aspect that is often overlooked? Car insurance exclusions. These are provisions written into the insurance contract that exclude coverage for a particular driver or type or driver or a type of event. Before you pay, check the exclusions listed in your auto insurance policy.

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Common Car Insurance Exclusions:

  • Driver Exclusions:  Your policy may exclude a specific person from being a covered driver due to factors that make them high risk. They also might phrase this quite broadly, stating that any driver that meets specific criterial is excluded. In most cases, you can eliminate this exclusion, but it will raise your premiums.
  • Intentional Damage:  Damage as a result of accidents and even vandalism is often covered. However, damage you intentionally inflict on your vehicle is not. Your insurance company will investigate what happened to your vehicle and refuse to cover your claim if they find you damaged your vehicle on purpose.
  • Commercial Use:  Most personal auto insurance policies will not cover an accident if the vehicle was being used to transport goods or materials when the accident occurred. The exception is if you have a commercial car insurance policy.
  • Custom Equipment:  If your vehicle sports custom parts and equipment, these won’t be covered unless you purchase an additional endorsement. On top of this, certain modifications can put your car beyond the limits of coverage, causing the company to drop your policy. Should you exchange personal information after a car accident? We don’t recommend it. You should only give the other part your name and contact information for your insurance company.
Let us help you stay safe on the road! In addition to auto insurance in Decatur, GA, we also offer motorcycle protection and personal insurance in Decatur, GA.

We’re here to help you stay safe on the road! Along with auto insurance, we also offer motorcycle protection and personal insurance in Decatur, GA. Contact us today for more information.

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