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Will Your Homeowners Insurance Compensate for Ceiling Damage?

Will Your Homeowners Insurance Compensate for Ceiling Damage?

The main reason you purchased homeowners insurance is coverage against structural damage to your home. But structural damage is a general term that covers diverse unpredictable events that compromise the structural integrity of your home. A common question that we encounter is: Does home insurance cover ceiling damage? Let us look at this concern in detail.

Does Home Insurance Cover Ceiling Collapse?

This will depend on the type of homeowners insurance policy and the cause of the ceiling collapse. Typically, homeowners insurance covers ceiling damage due to unexpected and unpreventable damage to your home. Ceiling damage caused by extreme weather events, natural calamities, fires, vandalism, and unavoidable plumbing failures will be covered. However, most homeowners insurance policies do not cover any damage due to:

  • Negligent acts
  • Substandard work
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Poor maintenance of a ceiling

Ceiling Damage Due to Plumbing Failures?

Plumbing failures are a leading cause of ceiling damage. But some failures are covered by homeowners insurance, and others are not. Homeowners insurance covers ceiling damage due and leaks to the following accidental plumbing failures:

  • Any ceiling damage due to frozen or burst pipes not caused by human error.
  • Recent ceiling damage due to defective plumbing parts. The damage must not have occurred over a long period. If the insurance company establishes that the defective parts were identified earlier on but were not replaced, then this is negligence.
  • Ceiling damage due to firefighting efforts.
  • Ceiling damage during vandalism.
  • Ceiling damage due to unavoidable appliance overflow or malfunction.

The following instances of ceiling damage are not covered by homeowners insurance:

  • Ceiling damage due to floods. This needs special natural calamities coverage.
  • Ceiling damage due to substandard plumbing work.
  • Ceiling damage due to plumbing failures in unsupervised vacant houses.
  • Ceiling damage due to mold and fungi that can be linked to normal wear and tear.
  • Ceiling damage due to animal activity, including rodents.

Does Insurance Cover Ceiling Collapse Due to Cracks?

Ceiling cracks can have many causes. In most cases, ceiling cracks are identified and rectified before they cause ceiling collapse. Typically, homeowners insurance will cover ceiling cracks that are caused by structural weaknesses on the foundation, floor, roof, and walls. These point to a house settling and are not your fault. However, ceiling cracks due to humidity, mold, or poor craftsmanship will not be covered. It is good to conduct a professional house inspection to ascertain the structural integrity of a house before buying it.

Claiming For Ceiling Damage

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